Our mission is to actively promote Georgetown College, its people, programs, and ideals. 大学营销 & communications supports the college by coordinating all aspects of:

  • 公共关系


In general, the College follows the Associated Press Stylebook. The following are a few exceptions that the College makes to the AP Stylebook, along with common errors that are made by people in their writing styles.

  • 把书、戏剧、报纸的名字用斜体标出.
  • 章节被引用.
  • 歌曲、文章被引用.
  • 把音乐团体的名字大写, even if Georgetown College is not used (Georgetown College Chorale or Chorale, 乔治敦学院交响乐团或交响乐团).
  • 艾伦大厅
  • Alpha Gamma Delta会馆
  • 安德森大厅(体育/教育/研究生教育)
  • 安妮·莱特·威尔逊美术大楼
    • 安妮·赖特·威尔逊美术馆
  • 亚设科学中心
  • 科利尔大厅
  • 库克纪念
  • 克拉尔学生中心(学生生活)
    • 咖啡馆
    • 的格栅
    • 这家商店
  • 戴维斯-里德校友体育馆
  • Ensor学习资源中心(图书馆)
    • Cochenour艺术画廊
    • 雅各布斯画廊
    • 桑树咖啡馆
  • 马学者计划
  • 鲜花大厅
  • 乔治H.W. 布什健身中心
  • Giddings Hall (Academic programs/政府/Institutional Advancement)
  • 海保堂(商务办公室/注册主任)
  • 约翰L. Hill Chapel或Hill Chapel
  • Kappa Alpha House
  • 卡帕德尔塔大厦
  • 骑士厅
  • Lambda Chi Alpha House
  • 麦坎德利斯之家(国际项目)
  • Nunnelley音乐大楼
  • 派特森宿舍(招生)
  • 爪大厅
  • 佩顿瑟曼会议室(职业 & 调用)
  • 校长会馆(会长会馆协会)
  • Phi Kappa Tau House
  • Phi Mu House
  • Pi Kappa Alpha House
  • 皮尔斯大厅
  • Sigma Kappa House
  • 地下铁道研究所
  • 威尔逊实验室剧院
  • 詹姆斯和玛莎布朗会议中心
  • 丰田体育场
  • 互联网 is capitalized, as is Web (Web site, Web address, surf the Web). e-mail这个词是连字符的.
  • Do not capitalize an individual’s title unless used in front of their name. 田径运动是个例外. Only if the complete title is used before the name, then capitalize it.
  • 部门有主席或椅子,而不是主席.
  • Lowercase all college offices and academic departments unless it is a proper noun, 比如英语系.
  • Spell out numbers one through nine; use numbers to indicate values 10 and higher. Use numbers with percentages, but do not use the percentage symbol, i.e. 3%.
  • Georgetown College uses the 牛津逗号 unless its use would reduce the clarity or readability of a list.
  • 赌博导航所有网站大全的表演项目, 主修(戏剧及表演研究), 活动使用“剧院”的拼写.”
  • Maskrafters 剧院; a Maskrafters 剧院 production
  • Use only one space after a period at the end of a sentence.
  • Copy can be delivered to marketing and communications via e-mail or saved as a Microsoft Word document on a disk. Note: it is recommended that the text of a Word document also be copied into the body of an e-mail.
  • 所有项目的副本应以电子格式提交.
  • 拼出50个U的名字.S. 当它们单独存在于文本材料中时的状态.
  • The names of eight states are never abbreviated in text: Alaska, 夏威夷, 爱达荷州, 缅因州, 俄亥俄州, 德克萨斯州和犹他州. (Memory aid: spell out the names of the two states that are not part of the contiguous 美国 and the continental 州 that are five letters or fewer.)
  • 当用作名词时拼写出来. 使用U.S. (没有空格)只能用作形容词.

Following the above AP style guidelines will help make our proofing jobs easier and will ensure Georgetown College materials are consistent as they are presented to the public.




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For printed pieces use fonts that will be the easiest to read.

赌博导航所有网站大全学院校徽的官方字体是 喧嚣声. Abril is also an approved font for use on college materials. 这些字体不是预先安装的. If you need assistance in using these fonts please contact the office of marketing and communications at (电子邮件保护)

Avoid using heavily stylized and script fonts, as they are more difficult to read.




The logo is available from the office of marketing and communications. The logo should not be copied and pasted from a college web page because the resolution of the image will be poor and the quality unsuitable for publishing in print. You may download the logos using the document or accordions below.












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